Stay As Team - CS:GO Really Needs This Feature |

Stay As Team - CS:GO Really Needs This Feature

Blizzard's Overwatch has a super handy feature. Imagine you are in public matchmaking and the game has just ended. In Overwatch, a dialog box is shown on everyone's screen. The box asks the members of the team if they would like to "stay as a team". What this means, is that it will automatically create a party of the members who accept this offer. So if you like your team and think they played and coordinated well, you can form a party with them and continue playing this way. Really fast and easy.

This feature is new in Overwatch, and I am surprised we have not seen it in another games aswell. Valve should really learn from Blizzard and implement this ASAP!

Do you think this feature is necessary in CS:GO? Have you tried it in Overwatch?