Starbound Mod Showcase: Frackin' Universe |

Starbound Mod Showcase: Frackin' Universe

Frackin' Universe is one of the most ambitious Starbound mod projects we have seen yet. It has completely new biomes, significantly increased crafting system, hundreds of new assets and more.

The mod is mostly done by user Sayter, and it adds massive amounts of content to the base game. You don't need to delete your old character and get started using it, just download the mod files to your server and client and you are ready to go.

Be careful with this mod though: this mod is a total overhaul of the base game, so that means that if you eventually remove this mod, your game will crash, unless you also remove the universe files and start over.

The mod is available on Steam Workshop and Github. The official wiki for it can be found at Wikia.

Our Starbound server hosting packages of course have full support for Frackin' Universe.