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5 Best Inventory Mods for Minecraft

Using the default inventory in Minecraft can be a bit limiting at times. The UI could be faster to use and of course, you could have more space in there. Luckily there are mods for this problem! Here are our 5 best inventory mods for Minecraft. Please note that at the time of this writing, these mods work with Minecraft 1.10.2


Bagginses by lorddusk allows you to have several bags in your inventory. These bags are color coded, so they are easy to categorize. Each of the bags can hold more than a dozen items. Also has a special ender bag, which works together with the ender chest.

Mouse Tweaks

Mouse Tweaks by Yalter is a rather simple but powerful mod. It allows you to do more powerful left and right click actions in your inventory. For example you can easily select all the items of a specific type in your bag. Check out the images and instructions for tips on how to use it.


Backpacks by Eydamos is a rewrite of MightyPork's Backpack mod. It's similar to Bagginses, in that it allows you to have several bags in your inventory. Using the backpacs is really simple (just right-click them) and allows you to have a ton of more space.

Refined Storage

Refined Storage by raouldvdberge and GustoniaEagle is a rather complicated mod. In it's basic form, it allows you to access all of your items. But it also contains a complicated system of importers, exporters, constructors and much more.

Advanced Inventory

Advanced Inventory by CubeX2 allows you to increase the size of your inventory. It does this by giving you up to 6 additional 9 slot packs, so in total 54 additional slots. These new slot packs are craftable with a simple recipe.